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Advanced Diploma in Hypermesh & Radioss (Nastran)

Developes Advanced skills on Meshing, Structural and Dynamic simulations. Classroom based training with practical coverage on Theory, FEM & SOM

      Advanced Diploma Program
     Offline Training (Classroom course)
     Classes on Weekdays
     Course code: CR-HM02


       Experienced Instructors
       Industry Recognised Certification
       Project based Training
       Regular assignments & assessments
       Domain Based (auto, aero) curriculum
       Cloud-based online learning materials

    All our courses are designed by a team of highly experienced professionals from the Industry


    This course will provide the Advanced skills & special-techniques on Industry-oriented meshing and analysis, needed to become a successful Analysis Engineer.

    This course has four modules:
    HM1 – Geometry preparation & Meshing Techniques using HYPERMESH
    HM2 – Structural Simulations using RADIOSS (NASTRAN)
    HM3 – Advanced Geometry & Meshing Techniques using HYPERMESH
    HM4 – Thermal & Dynamic Analysis using RADIOSS (NASTRAN)
    This course covers:
       Geometry preparation using HYPERMESH
       Meshing generation techniques
       Structural Analysis using RADIOSS (NASTRAN)
       Post-processing using HYPERVIEW
       Special-techniques used for Meshing thin-shell structures like plastics, BIW, sheet-metals etc.
       Modal and thermal analysis of structures using RADIOSS

    Classroom sessions :    30 Hours
    Practical sessions :    100 Hours
    Online tests :    Topic-wise
    Industry Oriented Project :    30 Hours
    Special sessions for Interview Preparation

    HYPERMESH is special-purpose software used to build FE models for Structural Analysis.
    RADIOSS is the leading solver generating file-decks similar to NASTRAN.
    Leading companies like Mercedes Benz, General Motors, Caterpillar, Tata Motors, Honda, Boeing, Goodrich Aerospace, Airbus, Mahindra, Nissan etc. use HYPERMESH & RADIOSS.

    On successful completion of this course, you will be able to Build FE models as per industry requirements, Perform various analysis & Develop Job skills.You will also learn the following:
       Fundamentals of Finite Element Methods (FEM)
       Overview of Structural Analysis
       How to Import and align the geometry
       Prepare the geometry for FE modelling
       Create & modify various geometric-entities
       Create & edit different types of FEM entities like nodes, elements etc.
       Generate shell-mesh with 2D elements
       Generate solid-mesh with 3D elements
       Build Hybrid FE models using 2D & 3D elements
       Ensure mesh-quality
       Theoretical & Practical overview of Structural Analysis
       Perform Static Analysis of Structural Systems
       Accomplish domain-based projects on Meshing & Analysis
       FE modeling of Sheet-metals, BIW, Plastic components etc.
       The solutions to the problems faced during mid-surface extraction
       Mid-surface meshing of components from different domains
       Establish the natural-frequencies & vibration-modes of structures
       Perform Thermal analsysis
       Accomplish domain-based project on assembly meshing & non-linear analysis

          Students & Fresh graduates (BE/ME in Mech, Aero, Auto) seeking an entry into the design field
          CAD engineers who wish to upgrade to Analysis-field and move ahead in their career
          Team Leads and managers who want to add ‘Analysis-projects’ into their portfolio
          This course does NOT need prior knowledge of any CAD software
          Pre-requisite: Nil

    ↓↓↓  Refer to Modules listed below  ↓↓↓

    Geometry preparation & Meshing Techniques using Hypermesh

    Geometry Preparation of auto & aero systems using Hypermesh
    Geometry preparation for the Fender of a car
    Geometry Clean-up for the Center Pillar of a car
    Geometry preparation for the wing-panel of an aircraft
    2D Meshing Techniques for auto & aero systems using Hypermesh
    Meshing of BIW parts (auto & aero) using automeshing techniques
    Meshing auto & aero components for crash and durability analyses
    3D Meshing Techniques for Industrial systems using Hypermesh
    3D Meshing – Structured meshing (Brick/Hex) & Un-structured meshing (Tetra)
    3D Mesh generation for Industrial systems
    Assignments & Evaluation on Geometry & meshing
    Project on Geometry & meshing of Auto, Aero or Industrial systems

    Structural Simulations using RADIOSS (NASTRAN)

    Structural analysis of Aero & Automotive systems
    Industrial Approach to Design & Validation
    Introduction to FEA & CAE Work flow
    Introduction to Strength of materials
    Linear Static Analysis – Theory & Practice
    Design validation of an automotive gear-shaft using structural analysis
    Identify the failure mode and re-design a engine-mount using linear static analysis
    Design a connecting-rod for strength using stress analysis
    Results processing using HYPERVIEW
    Results Interpretation & Documentation
    Industry-oriented Project on Linear Static Analysis of Auto, Aero or Industrial systems

    Advanced Geometry & Meshing Techniques using HYPERMESH

    Meshing Techniques for plastic parts using Hypermesh
    Mid-surface extraction and meshing of plastic components
    Mid-surface extraction and meshing of BIW, sheet-metal components like chassis etc.
    2D-Midsurface meshing a door trim with doghouse joints
    Midsurface meshing for chassis frame.
    2D meshing generation of automotive & aerospace systems
    Mesh Generation Techniques for Stress / Durability Analysis
    Mesh Generation Techniques for Crash Analysis
    Project on assembly meshing of auto, aero or Industrial systems

    Thermal & Dynamic Analysis using RADIOSS (NASTRAN)

    Introduction to Normal modes of vibration
    Solution methodology-Eigenvalue & eigen vector, lanczos method
    Normal modes Analysis of mini racing-car frame
    Vibration Analysis of a rotor.
    Natural Frequency estimation of a Truss bridge
    Modal Analysis of a brake Disc.
    Introduction to Thermal analysis
    Thermal Analysis – Conduction Heat-transfer in a friction-ring
    Thermal-mapping of a friction-ring
    Project on Dynamic & Thermal Analysis


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