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Crankshaft Analysis

Design Optimization of Crankshaft for Static and Dynamic loads

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Crankshaft is a large component with a complex geometry in the engine, which converts the reciprocating displacement of the piston to a rotary motion with a four link mechanism. Crankshaft plays a key role in power transmission of automobiles. The crankshafts are subjected dynamic loads that vary every cycle of the IC engine.

This project aims at establishing the performance characteristics of a crankshaft of a single cylinder engine using CAE simulations and thereby the optimize the crankshaft. For this purpose, CAE simulations will be performed on a crankshaft model using dynamic conditions and based on the response of the model, topology optimization would be performed using HYPERMESH and RADIOSS software.

Based on the optimization runs, the best-fit design of the crankshaft will be identified.

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