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Aircraft Landing Gear Design

Structural Analysis of Aircraft Landing Gear

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The landing gear is one of the most critical assemblies of an aircraft, capable of reacting the local loads on the airplane. It is the primary source of shock attenuation at landing.

When the aircraft lands at normal sink rate, maximum amount of energy has to be absorbed by main landing gear which undergoes large deformations and rotations. For this reason, the components in the landing gear are designed to have high strength and stiffness.

Structural Analysis  of  Aircraft Landing Gear  

However weight of the landing gear assembly poses a major issue especially by reducing the payload capacity of the aircraft and increasing the fuel-consumption which results in higher DOC (Direct Operation Cost).

This project aims at reducing the weight of the landing gear assembly using structural optimization. It is aimed to design, analyze and stimulate the landing to drive a satisfactory structure both in terms of performance and cost.

In this project structural analysis (durability) done to predict its behavior of the landing gear and determination of stresses and deflection for different loads and orientations.Based on the stress and deflection response of the structure, topological optimization of the landing gear assembly will be performed.

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