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Design Optimization of a turbine-blade  for Structural and Thermal loads

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Gas turbines are used extensively for aircraft propulsion, land-based power generation, and industrial applications. Turbine blade form the basic functional system of the gas turbine to convert the thermal and kinetic energies into mechanical and electrical energies.

Turbine blades are subjected to high temperature and pressure conditions which severely challenge their structural integrity. The turbine blades are fitted to the turbine rotor through blade-roots. Crack initiation due to high stresses are common in turbine blades. If not identified in time, these cracks may grow and propagate resulting in the breakage of the turbine blades which would result in catastrophic turbine explosion.

This project aims at redesigning the turbine blade as well as the blade-root for optimal strength and stiffness for the applied thermal and pressure loads. FEA simulations will be carried out to characterize the stress and deformation field and thereby optimize the structural behavior of the turbine-blade.

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